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Rockstar Content Creator - Lugano's Plan ₿

Switzerland, Ticino, LuganoMarketing

Job description

Created in October 2014, Tether USDt was the first stablecoin in existence, and remained the sole stablecoin in the market until March 2018. Tether is disrupting the legacy financial system by offering a more modern approach to money. By adding fiat currency-digital cash to the blockchain, Tether makes a significant contribution to a more connected ecosystem by introducing digital currency benefits, such as instant global transactions, to traditional currency and incorporating traditional currency benefits like price stability to digital currency. With a commitment to full transparency and compliance, Tether is the most secure, fastest, and lowest cost way to transact with money.

On March 3rd, 2022, Tether, in collaboration with the vibrant Swiss city of Lugano, announced Lugano's Plan ₿. Together, Tether and the City of Lugano will work toward the shared goal of scaling the city’s blockchain capabilities and helping Lugano become a hub for European blockchain adoption.

We are searching for a Rockstar social content creator to join Lugano’s Plan ₿ team. The ideal candidate should be able to come up with a constant stream of ideas on how to market the Plan ₿ project and be able to independently execute these ideas. If you are passionate about bitcoin and want to be part of the team that orange pills the city, its residents, and businesses - this job is ideal for you. We are really looking for a one-man production house that can write, design, edit and film everything that’s happening around Lugano’s Plan ₿. Work location: Lugano, Switzerland.


  • Work closely with the project team to identify communication and content opportunities around Lugano’s Plan ₿.

  • Independently and proactively develop content ideas around Lugano’s Plan ₿, to show the world via social media what this initiative is all about.

  • Go out interview and orange pill the city’s residents, businesses, artists, professors etc, and turn that into social content.

  • Write, Design, Meme, take videos and edit them for the world to see.

Job requirements

  • Proven track record as a content creator, either as a hobby or on a professional level such as having worked as an editor, producer, content agency etc

  • Interest and knowledge about Bitcoin, Tether and the blockchain space

  • Excellent people skills to work with stakeholders in churning out a constant stream of quality content.

  • Be creative in nature and be hungry to create new innovative ideas to bring Lugano’s Plan ₿ to life on social media

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills both in English and Italian

  • Experience in various design tools

  • Experience in filming and editing video content